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ROEHSOFT RAM Expander SWAP 3.58 Apk


ROEHSOFT RAM Expander SWAP v3.58 Apk
Requirements: 2.0 +
Overview: Insufficient RAM memory too small? This must not be! Use your SD card as working memory expansion! A memory manager gives you a lot of work decreases.

This is the most intense form ever! Restrictive just here in PlayStore!

An incredible developer once said against too little RAM just smashes. Attempt it for yourself how this man was correct.

At long last, more memory with a tick! From Android 1.6 upwards with root access and outer SD memory card! More memory means the foundation administrations will never again be ceased and numerous projects at all then just capacity appropriately!

On numerous gadgets, there are issues with amusements require a great deal of memory, these issues settles the RAMEXPANDER. Furthermore, they can play the most recent diversions on gadgets which are not capable generally to begin such APPs. Not any more out of memory! No more memory is full!

Dialects: German and English

Note: please attempt before you purchase with our application “” if their gadget ROEHSOFT RAM Expander is perfect, bless your heart!

– Free SD card memory use as RAM (SWAP RAM/SWAP MEMORY)

– swapfile RAM development up to 4.0 GB (record framework limit)

– No breaking point on SWAP allotment!

– the typical execution misfortunes in swap space happen in sd card from class-8 not

– Widget for swap PNP (swap on/swap off)

– nitty gritty memory data and examination

– Autorun

– swappiness piece parameter customizable

– simple idiot proof utilize (1 click advancement and computation Automatic)

– Supporting Tung of all Android gadgets (root access and Kernelswap support)

Note: please attempt before you purchase with our application “” if their gadget ROEHSOFT RAM Expander is good, bless your heart!

Should there be issues please get in touch with us before you keep in touch with me such demands to the Review Forum!

insufficient memory? rise to no more! More Games to play and run more applications at the same time! To do this you require just expand your memory. What’s more, up to 4 GB! Bigger memory, rather than utilizing Task Killer and Memory Optimizer.

ROEHSOFT Ram Expander is more powerful than some other device of its kind Why? That you can discover quick!

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander support by means of gadget at lightning speed on and off of broadened memory.

This permits you to take out the SD card in spite of swapfile or send by means of USB.

In like manner, you can critical, rudimentary for swapping portion parameters even control the viability of stretched out memory to increment.

With a specific end goal to get root access can help you this Linkk may share

Simply reasonable section telephones regularly have little Ram, either help here Task Killer programs proceed or one uses a swapfile, which gives adequate memory accessible. ROEHSOFT Expander makes your gadget all the more effortlessly. You can now begin in the meantime and don’t need to stress any longer over your Ram numerous applications.

Extends each Android gadget up to 4GB of memory, where it makes a swap record on the SDCARD.

Most extreme size of the swapfile is engineering related 4GB!

By setting the swappiness esteem you can control the conduct of the bit, the bigger the quality the more is outsourced.

If it’s not too much trouble note! For harms which may emerge from the utilization of this product accept no obligation!


Vital: Please utilize first MemoryInfo and Swapfilecheck to check your Kernel NEW: Optimal Value Button opens now first the Drive Select Dialog, then you can choose you support Profile.(NEW!) The Core is finished new, now we have added additionally the lowmemorykiller choices to meminfo discourse likewise the complete VM Parameters are presently in Meminfo Dialog Visible. Presently we read out the minfree values from LowmemoryKiller and setting the minfrrekb values over the Lowmemorykillers, so we avert to raise any OOMs.

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